ElitePickup is a mobile app for athletes to create and join pick up basketball games in their area.


ElitePickup started when a friend and I wanted a way to setup pick up games with people in our area. While doing research, I realized that there were a few apps that have tried to tackle the same issue. In order to stand out from the competition, I identified pain points that players were having and developed new features to make the process seamless.

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Because athletes are always on the go, I knew ElitePickup had to be a mobile app. I made the decision to go with a flexible design system in case the app ever expanded to sports other than basketball.

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Using location, users are able to quickly discover pick up games in their area, from a feed and map format. The feed is an easy way to see what games are happening next and whether or not they are confirmed, while the map view gives you a way to see what games are closest to you.

One significant challenge was ensuring that users who say they are going to games, actually go. Pick up games are reliant on other people, if there aren’t enough people, everyone’s time is wasted. In order to combat this, there is a notification system that asks you a few hours prior to the game start time if you are still arriving.


For the logo, I decided to go with a bold typeface along with a simple mark that resembles shooting a basketball. The sans serif typeface improves readability and allows you to quickly scan over game details. Neutral tones paired with orange allowed me to highlight important areas or actions in the design.




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